Self-described as "large and greasy", CheeZeMeLT's music has fat levels which are off the rikter scale. 
Loaded with calories, this full-flavoured, bass heavy serving of Progressive Electro Pop is not for the faint hearted!

From outdoor festivals, to big room clubs and warehouses, CheeZeMeLT will heat up the dancefloor and get the juices flowing. 


El Gonzo Green

The Gonz formed in the late nineties, in Northern N.S.W Australia. Since then the lads have taken their unique sound around the countryside, performing to a wide range of music lovers from all around the globe. The core elements of El Gonzo are Guitar, Bass, Drums and Vocals, with frequent guest appearances from various talented players on instruments such as Sax, Keys, Kazoo or Triangle. El Gonzo Green shows are a fun, colorful and high energy experience of Alternative Rock, spliced with Funk, Jazz and Dance Music.

El Gonzo fans...stay tuned. More content and music coming soon! :D


Fraktal Faerie

Fraktal Faerie is a well known DJ and musician from Northern N.S.W Australia. She began her journey into music production around 2015, with plenty of experience rocking the dancefloor with her DJ sets all over Australia. With the release of her debut EP "Interlaced" through Lost World, and recent releases on Twizted Lotus Records, Fraktal Faerie is excited to unleash what she has been dreaming of for years.


Lost Keys

Combining live guitar, synthesizers, samplers and drum machines, Lost Keys produces an alchemical mixture of electronic dance music where faerie tales meet conspiracy theories and cosmic worlds collide!

Largely influenced by Psychedelic and Progressive Trance music, Lost Keys aims to get you dancing.... and keep you dancing, to bring people together as one, to have fun and get lost in the music.

Lost Keys is Australian producer Luke Smith. Luke has been playing music since he could reach the piano keys, and has been performing with various music groups since the late nineties. He moved into producing electronic music around 2002, after studying music and audio production for several years. Incorporating his skills on guitar and piano with "computer music" he found a new world of playful artistic expression, giving birth to the Lost Keys project.